Update: Blog merge, New header, New Categories – please come and see

I decided to merge two of my blogs into one. At first I thought it was a good idea to keep them separate, but in reality it is time consuming, so Little Kitchen of Mine has moved in at Baking with Sibella.

In addition to baking, I am a lover of art, cooking, travel, people, books, photography, architecture, all things creative, spiritual and humane. My posts will reflect, but will not be limited to, all of these…

Since the blog has some new content, I wanted to update the header and add new categories. Welcome to the updated and hopefully improved version of Baking with Sibella.

Thanks for visiting!



14 thoughts on “Update: Blog merge, New header, New Categories – please come and see

  1. Love the new header. Good call–you don’t want to spend so much time blogging that you don’t have time to do the things you want to blog about!

    1. Thanks Korena! Yes, I painted the picture in the header. It is a pastel actually… 🙂 I plan to post it sometime in it entirety and also the reference that I’ve painted from.

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