My new pastel landscape – Part V – Done.

I am so happy to be done with my pastel landscape. I love how it turned out. It will remind me every day of my  hometown and the beautiful Una river. In Latin Una means “In one” or “Together”. I decided to call the painting “Together”. Even though I now live far away from Una, still in my heart we are together.



18 thoughts on “My new pastel landscape – Part V – Done.

      1. Going well. Busy, as my husband has taken a job clear across the country. We will be moving in September. Our weather is finally perking up, which makes me very happy. Lilacs are beginning to bloom and I am loving the sun. Thank you for asking! Have a good evening ~ April

    1. Thank you Bobbi! Still have to frame it. I am not sure where to hang it yet. I have to paint all my rooms, so after that I am sure it will find a nice spot.

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