Go out there and find beauty!

I don’t know about you, but I always feel that I am too busy to stop and take a break and “smell the roses”. Recently, a friend advised me (instead of rushing through my work week and desperately waiting for the weekend) to take at least a few minutes out of each day to look for and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and to which we are often blind. Enjoy the small moments and make every day count!

Today, I was thinking how I have to finish this and that and how the weekend is not nearly long enough to complete everything I planed, when I remembered my friend’s words: “Go out there and find beauty!” So I did:

Fall leaves


A heart shaped leaf


fall leaves

Fall leaves




last tomatoes

beyond the fence

Basking in the sun


a red fall leaf


13 thoughts on “Go out there and find beauty!

  1. Since seeing your photos on this post, I’ve had my eyes open not only for our beautiful fall leaves, but also for the last of the flowers of which there seem to be many despite our colder weather. Lovely photos, Sibella.

  2. Very beautiful indeed. What a lovely sunny day in Michigan you are having. Have you had a frost yet? My sister is coming this week from Michigan to Hong Kong and I think she will be pleasantly surprised on how warm it is here compared to there. Miss you. BAM

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