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14 thoughts on “Baking Gallery

  1. Hi Sibella! I was wondering if u have the recipe for the bosnian cake with chocolate cake and yellow (i guess vanilla or lemon?) stuffing? I forgot the name but it was so delicious!

    Thanks, kim

  2. Sibi, pa ovo što ti stvaraš čudesno je! Predivne fotke, sjajni recepti! Moraš to pretočiti u tiskanu knjigu. 🙂

    1. Hvala draga moja Kori! I ja sam nesto razmisljala o knjizi, ali nisam sigurna gdje i kako da krenem. Ovdje je vrlo tesko doci do izrazaja pa sam nesto razmisljala o “self publishing” na Amazon-u, nesto kao “Favorite recipes of Bosnian Cuisine” ili nesto sl. Svaka ideja je dobro dosla!

  3. I love your post!
    I am married to a bosnian and always find it hard to find good traditional fodd on the internet to cook for him. It is much alike our jewish food, but finding this, really made my day!

    1. Hi there and thanks for visiting and taking time to comment! In May of 2015 I stopped maintaining this blog and posting recipes because of lack of time. I am happy that you could find recipes here to cook/bake for your husband and family. Because such a great interest in my blog, I will try to post one recipe per month. Thanks again!
      Kind regards,

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