My new pastel painting from the Bosnia series – Part 2

Here is the progress from this week. I had a lot of problems with the small boat in the background, so I had to re position it and change the shape of it. Now I think it looks better. I have mainly worked on the lower left corner and somewhat on the big boat. The big boat supposed to show reflection of the clouds since it has some leftover rain inside… I plan to work on the big boat and hopefully finish it next week… Stay tuned my friends.

My new pastel painting from the Bosnia series – Part 1

Busy summer days are over, so I can finally concentrate on painting again. I started this one last Tuesday and this is the result of 2.5 hours of painting. The medium I’m using is soft pastel, and the size is 28 3/4 X 20 3/4 in (or 73 X 52.6 cm). More progress photos coming next week…